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"I have built The UPLEVEL Community to be the environment I wish I had when I first started in business. I have designed with everything that changed my life dramatically ... A group of like-minded individuals, exposure to advanced strategies that most never get access to, LIVE calls every month, and community calls every single week." 
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I was getting one piece from this side, one piece from this side, Ed brought it all together... he is the linchpin right now in the industry.
- Kamal, Uplevel Member
I was very pleasantly surprised not only that he knew the strategies, he gave citations to the law and IRS regulations and then was able to practically show how to apply it
- John, Uplevel Member
If you want a guy that knows the law inside and out when it comes to Tax Strategies, Edward Collins is your guy
- Matt, Uplevel Member
I first saw his videos on Instagram and signed up for some of the courses in the Community and I've been nothing but impressed with the information that comes out of it
- Rob, Uplevel Member



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Get access to the lessons I’ve learned in growing multiple businesses over 6, 7, and even 8 figures as a Lawyer specialized in Tax, Estate, and Business Law – whether you’re a start-up or in full scale mode, The Uplevel Community has everything you need to build a business that can last for generations.

Your uncertainty ends here, your search for answers ends here. You’ll be able to fully protect your business, your family, and yourself - not only today, but in a 100 years from now once you are gone. And at the same time, make sure that you keep as much of your own money as the Tax Code allows you to!

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 The Financial Freedom Blueprint Training

The Financial Freedom Blueprint Training - So you can understand the 3-step process I believe will take any business owner to financial freedom

 Financial Literacy 201

​The Top 10 Trust Questions - A recompilation of the most repeated questions we have been asked in the community with regards to trust, the starting point of your Real Wealth Matrix.



Edward Collins speaking with attendees at a business conference.
Edward Collins has been an entrepreneur since the summer following his second grade in school. You read that correctly. Though, that's a story for another day. 

For more than two and a half decades, while building and scaling businesses of his own, Edward has also been working one on one with business owners across the country helping them to Create, Accumulate and Protect their wealth. 

Four of Edward's nine businesses focus on serving business owners. Why, because that is who he is at his core and that is who he resonates with the most. So he has made a deliberate decision to focus on this specific group of risk takers, and freedom seekers!

Edward believes firmly in the life-long pursuit of education. He's been studying wealth and what it takes to create and keep it for over twenty years. He started his first financial planning practice in 1998 and it has grown and evolved over the past twenty-three years to now serve clients in 27 states across the country. His commitment to constantly adding to his library of life led him to the decision to earn a law degree, and that was after he already founded three of his companies. His relentless pursuit of personal growth led him to acquire a multitude of credentials, including a J.D. from Law School, as well as qualifications such as Series 7, 66, and 24, CFP, RFC, AAMS, Life Insurance License, and Health Insurance License.

Edward possesses a vast reservoir of actionable and valuable knowledge in the realms of Tax Planning and Generational Wealth Building Strategies specifically tailored for entrepreneurs. His expertise is highly sought after by the members of our esteemed Uplevel Community and anyone seeking reliable guidance in the realm of Wealth Creation. By clicking the button below, you can gain exclusive access to his invaluable insights, eliminating the need to waste time navigating the legitimacy of information found online.

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Because I've done it myself.
​These are timeless principles I've used to grow all of my 9 companies to and through 6 and 7 figures each... and it's worked for thousands of businesses across multiple industries around the world!

Imagine if you used just ONE piece of business advice from the Uplevel Community.. and you begin to see positive results in your business almost instantly.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to get our new member welcome package into your hands!

Bye for now,

Edward Collins

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